Supply chain innovation: Make it happen!

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I just finished an online course about this subject from University of Twente through the website, I highly recommend this site to take online courses by the way, so I want to share some thoughts resulted of this new academic experience.

Innovation is the result of conviction that different actions carry us to different results; probably most of you are convinced of this premise but the big question is how to make it happen.

First, let´s understand that supply chain is about collaboration as we have been talking in other posts, so any innovation needs to be planned, structured and communicated along your chain. Including your business partners will enrich your projects        throughout brainstorms and synergies that improve your outputs.

Innovation is not just a synonym of dramatic changes, small changes count and they could become in big transformation, so don´t stop if you believe that your idea is not good or big enough. Focus your ideas in your processes, identify the wastes on them, where your money is leaking I mean, and think out of the box to generate groundbreaking solutions.

Think different

Implement technology; take advantage of the wide options offered in market. Evaluate carefully the options and choose the one that guarantee the results that you are expecting.

Share. This is the most difficult thing to do in innovations; don´t be selfish and share with others your best practices.

Measure constantly the effectiveness of your implementations and improve them adding more innovations. You can repeat the process cyclically; for sure you will get better results every time.

We will go deeper on some examples in future publications, in the mean time I hope these first recommendations help you to trust in your ideas and push the changes in your company. Thanks for reading, until next one!

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