Thank you

Thank you

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This time I just want to say thank you for reading me and for being part of my 2015. During this year, I enjoyed sharing my experiences and of course I learned a lot too writing for you.

2016 will be a great year for all of us, I am sure. I will return on Jan 6th with a surprise and my best attitude. #SoyLogístico Association will start its administration, so I will be sharing during next year some of the subjects that we will be discussing and other interesting topics, it is exciting!

Merry Christmas for those who celebrate this date, for readers from different cultures who celebrate in other ways I wish you peace, love and health in 2016. I am pretty sure that we have to become a new world where tolerance and respect are the most important values in our day-to-day living.


Thank you!

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Alan Rodríguez

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